Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tornado Closet

I could be wrong, but I bet most of you have that area where you stash stuff and by stuff I mean:  

wrapping paper, gift bags, gifts in general, or anything you just want to hide from your kids, your husband, or things you think you will use later!

The place that has built up and built up for me is the space under the stairs...

It is where we go if we hear tornado sirens...only this spring, there is no way we could fit 5 people in here...or better yet, if a tornado would really hit our home, we would get killed by all the flying stuff that is hanging out in the closet...


Today, I dug it all out...braved spiders, bugs and anything else that choose that as their home because it has been ignored....

Here is what I started with (and you can't see how bad it is around the corner because it is too dark in there to get a decent picture....)

Here is what it looks like outside the closet...and this isn't all of it...not sure how it ever fit in there...

Legos anyone????

Guess I need to get back to work and figure out what to do with all this stuff...most of it is all new, in sealed boxes that I bought at that great sale price.  Better get the camera battery charged...this might be a job for ebay.


  1. We LOVE Legos! Let me know if you are serious about getting some off your hands ;) Good luck with clean up!!

  2. I really need to do that to Max's closet--it has a lot of stuff in it and it isn't even HIS! haha Way to crank it out. If you need the legos to go to a good home, you know where I live. Max loves them. ;)