Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to Work??

I got a new job today...yes, you heard right...I am back to work...

Do you ever find yourself in this society being sucked into what is new, sales, more clothes, more toys...just more everything?

I am a sucker for sales...if you came to my house you would know...maybe.  If you took a tour of my home, opened closets, drawers, storage areas, you would see...

We are the typical American family with way too much stuff and I am the most guilty of it.  Yes, I like to shop, but my downfall is bargains...we have way more than we will ever use, need, or remember...all in the name of the bargain.

So you maybe are thinking, what does this have to do with a new job?

Today, I emoloyeed myself.   Yep, I am going to work, organizing and cleaning room by room, and my house is about to get messy before it really gets clean...our garbage will be full every week.  Goodwill will soon know my name.  A new Etsy destash store and Ebay will become my new friends.

I am going to do a lot of blogging, lots of before and after pictures and I am hoping this job will last just long enough to be finished before May 23 rolls around...I have 4000 square feet to go through...wish me luck!  

Better yet, watch it all unfold right here!  Sign up and follow my blog!  :)  Favorite this spot for the next 3 months!


  1. Why does it have to be done by end of may? Is that the end of school? 4000 sg feet? Omg. My house is a mere 900 and I have no idea what is in most of the rooms. Good luck!

  2. May 23 is the last day of school! I am hoping to get it all clear out and organized by the time our summer break begins. Wait until you start seeing pictures...I began with the pantry initially on facebook, but some rooms/closets are way worse! :) It is just hard for me to be creative when there is so much organizing that needs done!

  3. Oh Good Grief Good Luck!!! I am so glad we go until the end of June!!!