Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Fever Design Challenge

When I first found out about this challenge, I was excited!!  The beads, oh the beads, were to die for!!  Plus, I think I share most of my life on facebook and am not good about blogging...so,  I wanted to try and get back into it.  This was the reason I needed!  The challenge was put on by Thea of Thea Elements, Caroline from Blueberribeads, and Smitten Beads!

The beads arrived and I was taken in by the beautiful colors that were put together and mailed.  They smelled and looked like spring!  I love birds and was all excited about this cute pair!

So, it was time to get to work.  I will admit, I had them sitting on my bead table for quite some time admiring them, thinking about how to create something special with them!  I ended up doing 3 totally unique, separate pieces.  I debated and debated about doing a set and in the end created a necklace, another necklace, and a bracelet!

First up is the vintage necklace I created using vintage, Lucite white beads and a vintage flower.  The chain is designed with  czech glass and Vintaj Natural Brass.  This is my favorite I think!  There are two shades of green czech glass and it moves from dark to light up the chain!  Sorry, bear with me, I need to learn to take better photographs...that is on the short list for 2014!  :) 

The second piece I made was a bracelet using recycled glass, leather, and vintage, Lucite white beads!  I wanted to bring out the blue flowers in the bird!  It was a different style for me, but I loved how it turned out! I just love that bird!  I finished off the bracelet with a white, vintage button.

The last piece I made, I used the 3 remaining beads/flower focal as well as the silk string.  As I was wondering how to put it all together, I came across some wooly wire I had forgotten I had in the perfect color of these pieces.  So, I formed my focal and beads with the wire and then put it all together.  I thought it would be perfect to add a bee clasp since they are so attracted to flowers and the importance they bring!

Thanks for coming out to visit today!  Please follow me if you haven't already (I promise to blog more often) and be sure to visit all of the other participants!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween/Day of the Dead Blog Hop

Day of the Dead Blog Hop?  Hmmm?  Not something you would normally see me jump into...don't get me wrong, I love to dress up, get the kids dressed up, and trick or treat around the neighborhood.  Aside from that, you don't see skulls outside my house or witches hanging from my front porch.  You might see a lot of pumpkins or anything orange.

So when Diana Ptaszynski (of Suburban Girl Studio) said she was sponsoring a blog hop for Halloween, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and design a jewelry piece made or a skulls  or anything that wasn't a pumpkin!

I had this Gaea designed skull bead set that has been in one of my jewelry cases staring at me for almost a year now.  I took it out and looked at it for another few weeks...once it was finally out and on the bead table...there was no going back.

I knew it would be a necklace of sorts...just wasn't sure how it might all come together.

I love Vintaj Metal Arte pieces and this black peice reminded me of a web.  I grabbed my gilders paste and gave it a little patina color in spots and sealed it.  I could not resist adding a bit of it to the black chain from Fallen Angel Brass.
This Skull Bead is from Gaea as well as the other beads used in the chain.

I added a headpin from Jennifer Jangles in the black and white stripe along with a little glam on top of Gaea's mint bead.  Up top is a czech glass leaf bead to tie it all into fall.
I like how is all ended up and Thanks, Diana, for the challenge!  See below for links for all other participants in the blog hop!


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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

Finally...Bead Soup Reveal!!!
Big Huge Thanks to the Wonderful, Talented Lori Anderson for organizing, planning, and pairing us all together!! 
Before I dig in and show you what I made, I want to remind you again what I received and who I exchanged with!
Laren Barton of Laren Dee Designs was my partner!  Here is her blog  (be sure to visit her blog to see what I sent her and what she made!!)
I could not have been paired with a more sweet partner!  I feel very lucky and privileged to have been paired with her!  Through all of this, I have a gained a wonderful new friend!  One of the biggest advantages to participating in bead soup!!
Here is what Laren mailed to me mid-February.  Instructions again were to use the focal and the clasp and anything else in between!
I decided to make 4 pieces and I was still left with a bag of beads!  She was very generous with what she mailed to me!
The first thing I created was a necklace and I used a technique and design I have never done before.  I took the pre-formed choker necklace and wired to it some of the beads she mailed me.  This was fun and a technique I am going to try on some future designs with different colors!  This would be perfect with that summer or fall strapless dress!
Next, I decided to make a pair of earrings to go with the necklace.
I pulled in the large red glass bead and the red czech glass along with the brass findings that Laren sent.  I thought the rhinestone earring wires added a bit of glam to them!
Next I took the focal and decided to make a 3 strand bracelet with it.  The focal was the main link in the bracelet and I wire wrapped several of the larger beads to create the first strand.
For the second strand, I took the smaller beads which I strung on wire and then attached to the clasp.
For the third strand, I took out some bronze leaf chain I had been hoarding and made that the final strand that tied it all in together!  The czech glass and focal are just beautiful together!
Last, I did another pair of earrings.  I took the chain Laren sent and some larger bead caps and czech glass and formed them into a tassle earring set!
So there you have it!!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I created and that you will take the time to see what everyone else has done as well!  Be sure to click on Laren's blog  to see what she made with what I sent to her!!
Here is a link to all the other blogs that participated as well!  Please visit!  I'd love to have you join and follow my blog too.  :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

I've been a bit shy....

I've been a bit shy taking advantage of the February Bead Trends Issue!!  Have you had a chance to take a quick peek?  You can find it at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Barnes & Noble, and JoAnn's.

It was such a privilege to be contacted last July by Tatia Meyer of Bead Trends Magazine if I would be interested in being the designer highlight for February 2013.  She told me my vintage, romantic style would be perfect for their Valentine Issue!

Wow, what a compliment that was!!  I had only been published in the magazine a few times and had admired all those that received the special highlight section as Designer of the Month!!
The designer of the month would come with a photo and a bio along with 10 pages of special designer jewelry!   When I said yes, it was time to get to work!!
Here are a few of my pieces I created!  The first set was an emerald set (little did I know it would later be chosen the color for 2013!!).  I used some of my great artist friends and their jewelry creations for some of my pieces.  I also pulled in many vintage pieces to give it that artisan vintage feel!  This set features Marsha Neal and Karen Totten.  I used a vintage drawer pull, vintage key lock, Vintaj Brass, and czech glass beads!    
This bracelet features a vintage snoopy, brass dog tag, and a Gaea heart!
This set features swavorski crystal, brass crown, and a 1950 earring (up cycled!)
This last set features all mother of pearl vintage buttons and Vintaj Brass.  This piece is currently for sale at the Blue Pomegranate Gallery in Benson, NE
I hope you might all consider taking a quick peek at the publication before it goes off sale at newsstands later this week!!  It has been such an honor to be recognized!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's time for some BEAD SOUP!

It's Bead Soup Time....no I didn't mean to say chili, potato soup, or vegetable soup....

This isn't soup you eat, rather a very creative mixture of beads that come to you, ready to be developed into a work of art! 

It all began with Lori Anderson and her wonderful idea (now trademarked) of being paired with a partner and exchanging  your soup!  Lori even wrote a book all about it!

This year it is my pleasure to be paired with Laren (pronounced like Karen just with an L) Dee Barton .  I hope you will take a peek at her facebook page and give her a like!

Laren lives in Washington and although across the country from me, we bonded right away!  Laren has a love for nature and enjoys beading!  She has 2 daughters and after a tramatic loss of her husband when her kids were toddlers, she remarried and has been married 35 years! 

She lives in the countryside with 4.5 acres and has chickens, ducks, 3 dogs, and 2 cats!  She also has two grandsons.

In her past, she was an owner and full time designer of a floral shop, has been involved with arts and crafts her whole life, and opened an etsy shop in the last year.   She is also very active with her blog and you can see the blog post about the beads I sent to her!

The reveal will be on March 30, so be sure to stop back and see what I created!!

Here is what I mailed to Laren!  It includes czech glass, pearls, vintage clear beads, Marsha Neal Studio focal and earring charms, bronze clasp (chain and earring pairs too), and silk sari cream ribbon.

And here is what Laren sent to me!  I was very excited to find lots of czech glass, a glass focal, and bronze findings!!  Lots of ideas floating around and she was very generous in all the beads she sent to me!  Be sure to come back and visit March 30!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A New Year is Coming!

I have been out Christmas shopping and I love to Christmas shop.  Things you don't normally see during the year, the stores seem to carry at Christmas time.  The selection of new items or just variations of items is outstanding.

One of my favorite stores is Marshalls...one day I was in there I think I bought more for me than I did for actual Christmas presents.  My favorite section of the store is the stationery items/aisle back in the home good area.

I came across a book/journal I had not seen before, called Q & A a day for Kids....3 years, 365 questions.


I have 3 kids, so I decided to pick up this book and we would do it for 2013.  It asks 1 question each day and there is a spot for them to handwrite their answer.  I thought this would be a fun keepsake with not only their answers, but also their handwriting.
I did notice Amazon also carries this book in case you are interested in doing it in your home too!
Happy Monday!!  You have 1 week left to shop!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

And the winner is.....

The winner of the Art Bead Love Tour is.........Mimi Gardner!!!!    Congrats!! 

 Mimi, message me your email address and I will paypal you the $6 for the shipping and be sure to include your address!  Can't wait to see what you take and give!!