Saturday, March 31, 2012

Studio Sublime Design Challenge!!

Sally Russik of Studio Sublime put out a challenge in January to get some of her new summer brights enameled beads and create them into a spring/summer design!! 

I jumped right in and she sent me this beautiful Sodalite Blue focal with some lime green accent beads!

I wanted to pair it up with some more brights, so although the coloring is a little off, these are some bright pink pearled type beads and a bright silver chain.

I wanted to keep it soft and perfect for spring and summer so I added some wood natural colored beads mixed in with the blue and lime enameled beads.

I topped it off with a silk flower in the same color of blue as the focal to bring it all together!

I hope you like it and check out everyone else that took part in this challenge!  Thank you, Sally, for putting it all together!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Lots of people do giveaways, but this one is really neat!!  Check out her beads!!  Wow, she does incredible work!!

See something you like???  Let me know, I can purchase and then make up a special piece just for you!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dreaded Craft "Closet"

A few of my really good friends have actually seen this all my friends will get a glimpse of what is really inside....

I am spending about a week or two in here despite the 75 degree weather that has came to Omaha, NE...I mean there has to be more nice days, it's only March, right?? 

I want some work space and stuff in here just has to go....this is what I am starting with...I took a picture of both sides of the side 15 years of longaberger selling (but this isn't all of has overtaken the garage too) and the other side...lots of craft supplies.

I spent all day yesterday in here digging out...and things have to get messy before they can get organized and here is where I am at now...I needed a 10 minute break out of the room and decided I better start blogging!

So, there is going to be some BIG SALES!!  Lots of Longaberger, Lots of Crafts....and some Coach Purses you can't see back in the corner.

I'll hopefully be blogging about the sale the last week of March if I can get through everything.

Until then, wish me luck....I need it!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tornado Closet part 2...

Although the closet basically took me all day, I finally finished it by 8pm that night....and it was a good thing, because for the first time in February, that night, we were under a tornado watch!!  I must have some super powers I didn't know about....

The kids were so impressed, they kept walking in and out in and out and then wondered why I didn't also lay carpet in it...

This was the finished result...I took it up close so you really can't see the new "walkway", but it turned out great.

But here is a pile that did not go back, I am going to spend some time sorting it for consignment sales, donations, and ebay....can you believe, some of my lego sets are on ebay for hundreds of dollars (yes, my investment is beginning to pay off...well it will if they sell...just means more jewelry supplies!).

Next week, I am going to tackle the biggest project yet that I think could take up to 2's the "bonus" room or an extra room built above our 4th car garage...and it has been a mess for the last 6 years.  It has stored my longaberger business, craft supplies, clothes, and much much more.  I plan to clear out and set up a jewelry/craft work space in there...

Lots of craft supplies will go into a new store, Kristi's Destash, and will include stamping up, creative memories, yarn, and lots lots more so stay tuned for that project!