Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dreaded Craft "Closet"

A few of my really good friends have actually seen this all my friends will get a glimpse of what is really inside....

I am spending about a week or two in here despite the 75 degree weather that has came to Omaha, NE...I mean there has to be more nice days, it's only March, right?? 

I want some work space and stuff in here just has to go....this is what I am starting with...I took a picture of both sides of the side 15 years of longaberger selling (but this isn't all of has overtaken the garage too) and the other side...lots of craft supplies.

I spent all day yesterday in here digging out...and things have to get messy before they can get organized and here is where I am at now...I needed a 10 minute break out of the room and decided I better start blogging!

So, there is going to be some BIG SALES!!  Lots of Longaberger, Lots of Crafts....and some Coach Purses you can't see back in the corner.

I'll hopefully be blogging about the sale the last week of March if I can get through everything.

Until then, wish me luck....I need it!!


  1. Oh yes I need to do this! Don't get lost in there...bring the GPS hahahahaha!!!

  2. Looks like you have made so much progress, Kristi! And it would be a dream to rifle through this room - just look at all of those Longaberger baskets!! :-0