Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bead Soup

Last year I watched everyone participate in Bead what is bead soup?  Bead soup is where you send a mix of beads to a person assigned to you and they take your "mix" and create it into something new!!

It sure looked like everyone had fun last year and some people received some really neat beads....sooo this year, I decided to jump in and play too!    My partner is Mandy Williamson all the way from Australia!  She is also known as Mimi's Beading on facebook

Mail to and from Australia is taking about 5 I have been patiently waiting for my package to come and it finally arrived!!  Here is what I received!

I also sent her a package too and here is what I sent to her!!

 I sent her czech glass, a spirited earth focal from Nan Emmett, vintaj brass clasp, wood and bone beads, coral, glass, as well as a few misc ones. 

The fun part, she definitely took me out of my comfort zone with lots of crystal and gold which I don't normally create with and I think I took her out of hers with a focus more on earthy type beads.  Wanted to make sure I sent her something from a US artist and was excited to send her Nan's starfish...I mean, Australia is all surrounded by water, Right?


  1. Gorgeous, Kristi! I love both what you sent and received! Looks like so much fun :) Cannot wait to see what you ladies come up with!

  2. this is going to be a very fun bead soup party..everyone has such cool soup mixes.
    love what you send ;-) and what you received.