Monday, August 1, 2011


I am starting to figure out in the jewelry world there are several ways to network and get involved with others in the industry and outside the industry...

The first one is to enter contests!  I am currently involved in one right now through J Lynn Jewels on facebook!  Here is a link to her blog to vote and this contest continues through this week...she sent out tiles and asked us to create something with them!  I'd love a vote if you  have time!!  I am #15 and #16!

Another way is to interact with other jewelry artists...what is so fun about meeting them and getting involved is they are people I have watched from afar and have loved their creations and their artwork!  For the first time, I registered for Bead Soup  I am excited to be a part of this bead exchange and create something with some bead soup!  :)

Something I have haven't done yet but is on my list is send in a few designs to magazines...but I feel I need a little more practice!  One day....

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