Sunday, September 25, 2011

October 1 is hanging over my head....

Bead soup is officially over athough I was unable to comment on a lot of blogs, I did get to most of them.  There were some incredible pieces made and many I would have loved to add to my own collection!!

Now onto the next thing, I have a show on October 1 with Carrie Huber know as Plum in the Corner!  She has beautiful folk art home decor and I am so excited she accepted me to her show held 4 times a year in her home...she transforms her home into this gallery were you feel like you have to own at least one of everything!  You can check her out at

I am working on my display and final product to take this week!  I can't wait to share pictures as the date gets closer!  :)

Happy Monday to all!

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