Friday, April 20, 2012


I am pretty much done with the organizing and really a day early!!  Sure, there is some more that I can do, but my goal was to get the area cleared out for my workspace and my supplies brought in and organized.  That has been accomplished!  Phase 1 and 2 are done!  Phase 3 will be the garage sale that will come in a few weeks!

You have seen all the pictures I started the project with and now I am going to show you what got accomplished yesterday.  I wish I would have taken pictures of my landing to my basement where all my jewelry supplies were stored, but I forgot until it was too late. 

This first picture actually shows you what was on the landing and then brought upstairs yesterday took me about 90 minutes to go up and down 1.5 flights of stairs to get it there.

This next picture shows how I organized it all onto my shelves...

  My desk....(still need to get some shelves on the wall to display what I make!)

Last, a look inside my supplies and organzing....I love old keys, buttons, vintage trinkets, and vintage rick rack....

Mission Accomplished!!  Hope you enjoyed this organizing adventure!!


  1. LOVE using jars like that, and everything looks inviting!

  2. Wow, That looks great! I would love to have the jar of keys just as a decoration. :D

  3. Looking awesome! How nice it must be to have all that space!

  4. "The Journey of a Thousand miles begins With a Single step"- ancient Asian quote.