Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm almost done!!

The craft closet renew started back on March 15.    That means my bedroom, bathroom, and closet have been a mess for over a month now!!

Based on a consignment sale, Easter, spring break, and a birthday as well as a visit from mom and dad, the project became delayed...

I am happy to report....IT IS ALMOST DONE!

Yesterday, I got my bedroom and bathroom back and the organizing is about 80% done...a little more arranging needs to take place, but it is getting closer.  Today, I will move in my beading supplies and clear out another whole area doing's finally all coming together...some pictures below will take you were I started and to where I am now!

Day 1....The front of this picture where you see the dresser and metal shelf, that is where the work area is in the following pictures!

Many Days later....

Finally....Getting closer!!

Now in order to get it all is my garage sale picture....
But it has gotten much bigger!

I have many more pictures of empty shelves and other room changes....but finished project
pictures hopefully by the end of the week!!

I can't wait!!

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