Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sue Beads!! Enamel Bead Hop!!

I see lots and lots of posts for design groups, blog hops, and free beads...I apply I apply I apply....rarely am I ever picked...ok, I am pretty new to the jewelry scene...still working to get my name out there...


Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads put out there that she was looking for  people to participate in her enamel bead blog hop!  I of course put my name in....and I have to be honest, since I am rarely picked, I actually didn't initially see that.....SHE PICKED ME!!

I was super excited!!  She was going to mail out some of her enamel beads like these and we could make whatever we wanted and then blog about it today!!

At first, I thought a summer bracelet was in order...but that never came to be.

As I sat at my new workspace, I had some Marsha Neal ceramic earring sets sitting next to me...when I glanced over at them, one set jumped out at me.

They were a darker glaze but the offsetting glaze that you could see on them perfectly matched the Orchid Beads that Sue sent to was destiny!!

Unfortunately, my camera did not pick up the glaze coloring as I had hoped, but I think you get the idea!!   I used a Marsha Neal earring set and silk ribbon and combined Sue's Beads.  The two of them go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly!!  I added some Vintaj Natural Brass wire, bead caps, and earring wires to complete the look!

I will definitely be getting more enameled beads to pair with earring sets from Marsha Neal!!  Now hop on over and see what everyone else made!

Kristi Harrison  (you are here...PS...follow me while you are here!!)



  1. So fun! I love the way the silk ribbon works with Sue's beads and the Marsha Neal components. What a great combination all the way around!

  2. Beautiful! Sue's beads look gorgeous with Marsha's charms and silk. So did you name them Peanutbutter and Jelly?

  3. I love them! I think Marsha's components work perfectly! I love the silk ribbon, too! I'm so glad you got picked, thanks so much for participating in the challenge!

  4. Oh wow, what a wonderful combination of materials on these earrings! They're so beautiful :)

  5. These are very cool! Everything looks wonderful together, and I love the addition of the silk!

  6. That is a great use of the silks! I love seeing how other art beads play together. Looks like Sue and Marsha are a match made in heaven!
    Enjoy the day.

  7. They turned out beautiful!! Congrats on being chosen and sharing with us, I really like that you used the silk!

  8. PB&J!! Love this set! Since you're getting into the groove and I'm feeling like I need re-energized, we should work a little challenge on our own and have some fun! Let me know if you want to swap some stash beads and have a little fun!
    Take care!

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  10. Love your earrings - what a great combo of two great bead artists! I deleted my last post because I didn't notice until too late that I said "dead artists" - yikes - thank you auto correct!