Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Fever Design Challenge

When I first found out about this challenge, I was excited!!  The beads, oh the beads, were to die for!!  Plus, I think I share most of my life on facebook and am not good about blogging...so,  I wanted to try and get back into it.  This was the reason I needed!  The challenge was put on by Thea of Thea Elements, Caroline from Blueberribeads, and Smitten Beads!

The beads arrived and I was taken in by the beautiful colors that were put together and mailed.  They smelled and looked like spring!  I love birds and was all excited about this cute pair!

So, it was time to get to work.  I will admit, I had them sitting on my bead table for quite some time admiring them, thinking about how to create something special with them!  I ended up doing 3 totally unique, separate pieces.  I debated and debated about doing a set and in the end created a necklace, another necklace, and a bracelet!

First up is the vintage necklace I created using vintage, Lucite white beads and a vintage flower.  The chain is designed with  czech glass and Vintaj Natural Brass.  This is my favorite I think!  There are two shades of green czech glass and it moves from dark to light up the chain!  Sorry, bear with me, I need to learn to take better photographs...that is on the short list for 2014!  :) 

The second piece I made was a bracelet using recycled glass, leather, and vintage, Lucite white beads!  I wanted to bring out the blue flowers in the bird!  It was a different style for me, but I loved how it turned out! I just love that bird!  I finished off the bracelet with a white, vintage button.

The last piece I made, I used the 3 remaining beads/flower focal as well as the silk string.  As I was wondering how to put it all together, I came across some wooly wire I had forgotten I had in the perfect color of these pieces.  So, I formed my focal and beads with the wire and then put it all together.  I thought it would be perfect to add a bee clasp since they are so attracted to flowers and the importance they bring!

Thanks for coming out to visit today!  Please follow me if you haven't already (I promise to blog more often) and be sure to visit all of the other participants!

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