Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's Bead Soup time!!  I love this day!! 

You are paired with a partner and they send you a surprise bead don't know what you are going to receive or in what colors!  They send a mix of beads, a focal, and a clasp.  Once it arrives, you take your soup and create a new piece, or two, or three!

The day is organized all by Lori Anderson!  She wrote a book a book about it too you can purchase at your local bookstore, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and more!

Once I met Laurie, my partner, I found out she loves vintage.  Since I loved vintage too, I knew this was going to be a fun soup to send!  Here is what I sent to Laurie.  I included pieces from my collection as well as some czech glass, bronze findings, and a focal from RoundRabbit:


Here was the soup that was sent to me from my partner, Laurie of MermaidTreasures on etsy!  She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, teenage daughter, and 2 cats!  I loved the blue combination she sent me, a metal hand-colored focal, and a silver clasp.

I was able to get once piece finished for the reveal today, but plan to making a matching set of earrings!  I made this knotted necklace with waxed linen thread using all the beads Laurie sent to me...I did not add any of my own.  The only thing I added was the silver chain around the bottom!  Making knotted necklaces has been great thing to make and relax and I love making them!

I hope you have fun today reading blogs to see what everyone has made.  Here are all the links below to the Bead Soup Blog Party!!
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